The story of how Boise State University has grown from a small junior college to a metropolitan research university of distinction with nearly 24,000 students highlights the tenacious character of its people. Leaders, faculty, staff, students, friends and alumni nurtured a vision, supported a mission and gave of their time, talent and treasure to make the impossible possible.

Boise State has more than doubled its graduate offerings in a decade, and expanded doctoral programs and research to attract high-quality students from Idaho and beyond.

The shared knowledge throughout the classrooms, labs and teaching spaces has inspired innovation, fostered imagination and paved the future for success and leadership.

And as President Bob Kustra has said, “the success of students at Boise State throughout their lifetimes is the single most important measure of Boise State’s success as a university.”

Central to this mission is providing affordable access to education for students. Scholarships help ensure that potential is not left unrealized because of the inability to bear the cost of a university.

It’s thanks to the generosity of alumni and friends of the university that Boise State has been able to grow its scholarship support and provide access to education for so many through the Extraordinary Times, Extraordinary Opportunities scholarship campaign.

With a goal of $25 million, donors have gifted nearly double that amount, increasing scholarship support by nearly 30 percent.

“Through the generosity of our donors, we’re able to provide more scholarship support to our students than ever before,” said Vice President for University Advancement Laura C. Simic. “As we enter the final months of the campaign, and beyond, we’ll continue to keep scholarship support as a philanthropic priority at Boise State to ensure more students can achieve their academic dreams without excessive financial constraints.”

Take for example John DeRoos, a senior communication major and Honors College student. DeRoos came to Boise State as a nontraditional student, having already entered the workforce and started a family. While he excelled in high school academics, he was forced to earn his GED certificate because he needed to care for his ailing mother. When the opportunity later came for him to attend Boise State, his drive to succeed was clear, but the resources provided through scholarship support provided him with more determination to achieve academic success.

“Scholarships have allowed me to dream big,” he said. “The monetary aspect is crucial to this process, but there is a larger impact that being a scholarship recipient has had on my life. It is only when others believe in you that success really begins to manifest itself. That is the whole point of scholarships. I knew that when someone offered me a scholarship, that they believed in me, in my potential and ability, and cared enough to reach out a helping hand to someone who not only needed it but would honor them by making the best of it.”

DeRoos graduates this spring Summa Cum Laude and has begun employment with a local Boise business.

John DeRoos, a senior communication and Honors College student, shared his story of academic success through scholarship support during the 2017 Scholarship Dinner.

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