Donor investments in capital projects, coupled with a blueprint for success, will be a legacy forever cemented in the history of Boise State University under the leadership of President Bob Kustra.

The university now has several new buildings dedicated to academic excellence in business, science, engineering, the arts and student life. Several athletic facilities also were expanded during Kustra’s tenure. Thanks in part to the generosity of alumni and donors, the Boise State campus footprint has grown with $400 million in new facilities since 2003, with more construction projects under way.

Because of investments in the Division of University Advancement, the university has significantly increased its relationships with alumni and donors, many who have funded growth at Boise State. Many of these donors also contributed toward the success of the university’s first comprehensive capital campaign, Destination Distinction, where gifts and pledges for facilities and programs surpassed $185.4 million when the campaign ended in 2011. The single-purpose Extraordinary Times, Extraordinary Opportunities scholarship campaign wrapped up in 2017 totaling more than $52 million, more than doubling the campaign’s original goal.

“President Kustra’s ingenuity and forethought, paired with his understanding of the importance of community partnerships, has inspired many donors and alumni to support his bold vision for the benefit of Boise State, our city and our region,” said Laura C. Simic, vice president for advancement. “Bob pushed the envelope in imagining what the university could be and energized all of us, internally and externally, to make it happen. You can see the results on campus and in downtown Boise today.”

Here are a few of the facilities that donors helped build.

Micron Business and Economics Building – $17.2 million

The Micron Business and Economics Building opened in 2012 as a world-class facility with state-of-the-art classrooms, comfortable places to study, student team rooms and gathering spaces for students and faculty. The college is one of only 5 percent of business schools in the world – and the only one in the Treasure Valley – that has achieved accreditation from the International Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) not only for the college but also for the accountancy program. After rigorous review, accreditation was renewed in 2017.

Illustration of the Micron Business and Economics Building

Illustration of the Stueckle Sky Center

Stueckle Sky Center – $5.3 million

Boise State University’s Stueckle Sky Center at Albertsons Stadium is a premier event and sporting venue at Boise State. Named for university benefactors Duane and Lori Stueckle, the four-level facility includes three individual banquet spaces. All three banquet spaces have sweeping views of the Boise Bench, foothills and downtown skyline providing a stunning backdrop.

Alumni and Friends Center – $10 million

A cherished space on campus that encourages the rekindling of friendships and ignites school spirit while creating future memories for Broncos of all ages, the Alumni and Friends Center opened in October 2016. Visionaries, longtime Boise State donors and volunteer leaders Allen and Dixie Dykman made the construction of the Alumni and Friends Center possible. The 38,000-square-foot building boasts several meeting rooms, a ballroom for events, outdoor patios for gatherings. It is home to the Boise State Foundation, Division of University Advancement, Boise State Alumni Association, the Office of Communications and Marketing, and Trademark Licensing.

Illustration of the Alumni and Friends Center

Illustration of the Center for Fine Arts Building

Center for Fine Arts – $5.2 million

Construction on the new Center for Fine Arts, a $42 million project on the west end of campus along Capitol Boulevard, began in May 2017. The completion of the 90,000-square-foot, five-story building is slated for August 2019. The Center for Fine Arts will consolidate Boise State’s visual art programs under one roof. A component of the new Center for Fine Arts will be the interactive, high-tech World Museum, where students and visitors can be transported across the globe to virtually visit world-class museums, experience how art shapes society and more.

Micron Center for Materials Research – $26.1 million
(with gifts still being raised)

Boise State University officially began construction of the $50 million Micron Center for Materials Research in April 2018. The three-story, 85,000-square-foot world-class materials science research facility will provide more than 40 research laboratories and spaces, state-of-the-art teaching laboratories, a 250-seat lecture hall, two 80-seat classrooms, offices and work spaces for faculty members, staff and graduate students advancing materials research at Boise State. The Micron Technology Foundation Inc. pledged $25 million — the largest single gift awarded by the Micron Foundation and the largest single gift given to Boise State thus far — for the Micron Center for Materials Research. The building will provide materials science researchers and students with laboratory space needed to continue building expertise in the manufacture of technologies using nanomaterials on an industrial scale.

Illustration of the Micron Center for Materials Research Building

Norco College of Health Sciences Building - $5.1 million
The Norco Building includes state-of-the-art classroom and laboratory space, allowing the university to educate more nursing students and providing additional opportunities for research and clinical experience. It also houses a full-service health clinic with medical, counseling and wellness services for students and the Boise State community. Funding for the $20 million building included a $2 million lead gift from the Kissler Family Foundation.

Ron and Linda Yanke Family Research Park - $5 million
Administered by Boise State’s Division of Extended Studies, the facility at 220 E. Parkcenter Boulevard is named for the Ron and Linda Yanke family in gratitude for their generous donation to Boise State University. The research park facility is located on 8.3 acres along the Boise River and includes an 80,000 square-foot building that is home to a number of university programs.

Caven-Williams Indoor Sports Complex - $6.4 million
The Caven-Williams Sports Complex indoor training facility opened in 2006 with support from Larry and Marianne Williams and Jerry and Muriel Caven, longtime donors to Boise State University academic and athletic initiatives. The 76,000-square-foot building is one of the most impressive facilities of its kind in the country.
Bleymaier Football Complex - $11 million
The Bleymaier Football Complex is named in honor of former Boise State Director of Athletics Gene Bleymaier. He served as the university’s athletic director from February 1982-August 2011. The 68,000-square-foot dream home for the football program includes coaches’ offices and meeting rooms, an academic center, recruiting lounge, weight room, athletic training room, equipment room, student-athletes lounge and home locker room. Lead donors to the project were long-time Boise State boosters Larry Williams and Jerry Caven.

Dona Larsen Park - $2.5 million
A $2.5 million gift in 2009 from the David and Debra Larsen Huber Family Foundation funded the transformation of the former East Junior High School site near the corner of Broadway Boulevard and Warm Springs Avenue into a multi-use sports complex. The 14.5-acre site was named after Debra Larsen Huber’s mother, Dona Larsen, who was heavily involved with local athletic teams, spending seven years running the girls’ summer softball and basketball programs for Boise City Recreation.